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Electric vehicles are undeniably superior.

The instant torque and streamlined processes make for an energetic, smooth ride. Electric vehicles have less mechanical moving parts, which means a lower cost to maintain the vehicle, and using electricity for fuel instead of gasoline can save you thousands of dollars each year (not to mention saving the earth). You know you’ll get the latest technology in an EV, and many are already equipped with driving assistance features. The future of personal transportation is here. Embrace it!

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Find Your Ideal EV Charging Station

ClipperCreek HCS-40

ClipperCreek HCS-40 EVSE 32A  |  Rated for Outdoor Use  |  Safety Certified

JuiceBox Pro 40

40A  |  Wifi Enabled  |  Safety Certified

ChargePoint Home

32A  |  Wifi Enabled  |  Safety Certified
Green GMC Hummer electric vehicle

GM’s Hummer EV Has 329-Mile Range, ‘Edition 1’ Deliveries Start In December

Hummer EV deliveries are imminent, slated to begin next month as confirmed today by GMC brand chief Duncan Aldred.

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Red Tesla Model S Plaid

LTPI’s Full EV Review: 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla admirers know ludicrous speed is part of the standard Tesla Model S makeup that provides a significant power boost. The new Plaid version of the Tesla S takes it one step further.

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blue rivian truck electric vehicle

Rivian Sets Delivery Dates For More R1T And R1S EV Customers

Rejoice, reservation holders. Your trucks and SUVs will start arriving en masse starting March.

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