Movie Title: An Inconvenient Truth
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Release Date: May 2006

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film, released back in 2006, directed by Davis Guggenheim and narrated by former US Vice President Al Gore about the impacts and dangers of global warming.
In an attempt to elevate a compelling message, Al Gore, in a slide-show presentation, provides years of proven scientific evidence through powerful imagery, illustrations and statistical charts to educate audiences around the world. This fact-based scientific research represented in this film supports the work Al Gore had been conducting and speaking about for a few years prior to its release.
Throughout the film, Al Gore shares a few memories of his childhood, as well as his life experiences in and out of politics and study of climate change, which gives insight to where his passion to advocate for a cleaner planet came from. However, this documentary is clearly not about him. In his explanation of the complex environmental scientific research, he builds an impressive case on the impact that has taken place on our planet over recent decades. He makes it very clear by highlighting chilling before and after images of melting ice fields and glaciers, examples of submerging coastlines, oceans warming and extreme weather patterns globally.
The graph he displays during one point of the film shows us how fast carbon-dioxide emissions rates have increased over a short period and the corresponding rise in temperatures are quite disturbing. At this time, he emphasizes the importance to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions as a “moral imperative” – which I think may inspire many as a call to action. He speaks of many solutions to battle this issue, one being a full conversion to electric transportation.
Lastly, I believe this film allowed Al Gore a strong, far-reaching platform to deliver a significant message of how desperate we are for action now to slow the effects of global warming. Action that not only we need to take locally in our communities, but also demand our world leaders to make crucial steps forward in this battle against climate change so we can enjoy cleaner air, cleaner water and an overall cleaner planet for future generations.


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