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My three years with my Bolt EV (leased of course) has been fun, easy, but difficult in explaining to others on my Car and Driver Backfires forum what it means to have an EV. I tell them plugging in 10 hours a week (my range is close to 300 miles per charge) is much easier than waiting in Costco’s gas line for 15 minutes and buying gas. My biggest surprise is the quick launch to 60 (under 6.5 seconds). In my 55 years of driving with 30+ cars, this is among the most fun, and easiest to live with.

Here in Las Vegas, my younger and smarter neighbors use no fossil fuels to charge…they simply use solar panels, but the smart people are better than I am. My wife is really in love with her 2015 Mercedes GLK 350…a V6 gas burner. I don’t want to sell it, as she loves it, but the smart folks have ONLY their EV…and for those one or two long road trips they take, they simply rent a gas burner.

As you know, it is much cheaper renting a gas car once or twice a year, than owning, maintaining, insuring, and licensing a gas car that spends most of its life in the garage. (My EV covers 95% of our driving, so the gas car never goes out much).

Finally, as the new Bolts (2022 models) won’t come out for 8 months or so (there are no 2021 models); I was considering a PHEV…a step down from an EV. However, my neighbors and fellow writers on the Car and Driver Forum told me something very interesting and worth repeating. When you have a PHEV, it is not like an electric, which you know, will be all-electric, but driving the PHEV makes you “want” to use only electric and avoid gas use. Well, guess what? Those Chevy Volt owners now have a five year car that has been good, but the engine which is the most expensive part of the car, is like brand new….it never really got used while searching all the time to use those 45-50+ electric miles sparingly. All that money for an engine they never really used.

True electric is the future. I’m a retired military officer, and colleagues I know who came back from a China visit tell me that China is truly committed to electric use. They subsidize residents’ licensing, registration, charging stations and the “swap shops” which enable people to swap out their depleted batteries in under five minutes. Here in the U.S., we have States that tax EV drivers more, so instead of incentives, we use disincentives.

At age 73, I’m fairly low-tech, but do have a smartphone and am capable of managing my EV, but many young high tech millennials I meet are still reluctant to go “electric”. With solar power, upcoming hydro, and wind power here, EV power will be cleaner than ever.

I kind of laugh at some people’s statements about EVs…it reminds me of what my grandfather told me when he was a young man….many people resisted automobiles because they thought the horse and buggy were better, but eventually they changed. That is how our conversion to electric will likely be. Based on what GM and Toyota have told me, they plan entire conversions in their fleets, and they are following those sentiments up with their new solid-state battery development.

Thanks for your good online articles…. I very much enjoyed them.

– Bob F.


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