Hyundai Ioniq 5 gray on the road

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Hyundai Ioniq 5

The first of its kind.

Base MSRP: From $45,000

  • SE – From $45,000 (est.)
  • SEL – From $49,000 (est.)
  • Limited – From $55,000 (est.)

Tax Credit: up to $7,500

EPA Range: 269 miles – 300 miles range, pure electric

Charging Acceptance Rate: TBA

Rear view of a gray 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

Reviews of the Hyundai Ioniq 5

2022 Hyundai Ioniq front


Performance: Single electric motor, 225 horsepower
Two electric motors, combined 320 horsepower

Mileage estimate: TBA

Price estimate: $45,000

Warranty: 5 years / 60,000 miles

Drivetrain warranty: 10 years / 100,000 miles

Hyundai’s Next Generation of Electric


It’s clear that Hyundai is preparing itself for the future. The South Korean automaker certainly can’t be accused of languishing in the past as it plows ahead and continues to lessen its carbon footprint.

Hyundai seems to have a clear picture of where it wants to go as it continues to create a path that features electrified vehicles. The company currently has three electric vehicles, three plug-in hybrids, and five hybrid models.

From this vantage point, Hyundai certainly enjoys creating electric-based sport utility vehicles. One of several versions of the Kona SUV is all-electric. The company also features a plug-in hybrid for two other SUVs – Tucson and Santa Fe.

The latest electrified Hyundai SUV to hit the market (fall 2021) is the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5, a compact crossover. It’s the first Hyundai that was designed solely as an EV and reportedly will be the first of 23 battery-electric vehicles that Hyundai will produce by 2025.

The Ioniq name should sound familiar because it’s a versatile compact sedan that offers three versions: Hybrid, EV, and plug-in hybrid. Even though it was introduced five years ago, the Ioniq 5 might surpass the sedan in name recognition.

Exterior Style

Speaking of cool, the Ioniq 5 exterior meets the criteria in the looks department, where it’s been called “retro-cool.” It more closely resembles an attractive hatchback than an SUV. It has a wedge-shaped front that wraps around the sides that have two noticeable character lines, creating a distinct look.

The Ioniq 5 offers a choice of nine exterior paint colors, including five of them exclusive to the new SUV. Another buyer incentive is the Ioniq 5 offers Hyundai’s latest connected services like vehicle-status notifications, remote start and several other functions.

Interior Space

The interior requires a little study time because it’s very high-tech. The Ioniq 5 has a pair of 12.3-inch displays, one serving as an infotainment system and the other one for driver information.

One of its more unique interior facets is a sliding center console that moves nearly 6 inches from front to back. Another notable feature is the front seat leg supports that can be used when recharging away from home. The front seats recline and a retractable footrest provides a nice way to relax.

Hyundai says it used sustainable materials throughout the cabin that include plant-based fabrics and recycled plastic bottles. There are standard power-adjustable front seats and plenty of room for leg and headroom for front- and rear-seat passengers, thanks to the backs of the front seats being 30-percent thinner, thus providing a roomier back seat.

The cargo area measures 27.2 cubic feet and expands to 56.2 with the back seat folded down. There’s also nearly a cubic foot of storage space beneath the front hood.

Charging and Range

The Ioniq 5 is a remarkable SUV in many areas, one that has futuristic styling, advanced technology, and a unique interior. Other positives include its range – between approximately 269 to 300 miles before requiring a charge.

And when charging is needed, the Ioniq 5 can be ready to go in a hurry. Designed to be used with an 800-volt charging station, its range can increase to about 60 miles in five minutes. A charge from 10 to 80 percent can be accomplished in around 18 minutes.

Using a home 240-volt charger, the Ioniq 5 can get fully juiced up in 7 hours. Another cool thing is if there’s 15 percent of battery power or more available, the SUV can be used to recharge things like a laptop, another EV vehicle, or an electric scooter. It also has a solar roof that will annually give the battery about 800 additional miles,

Performance and Speed

Unlike the other Hyundai EVs, the Ioniq 5 has good to great performance. There are two versions that can be purchased – one offers mediocre speed and the other one adds tons of fun to the driving experience.

The base model is the Ioniq 5 RWD that has a 168-kW electric motor and a 77.4-kWh battery. It delivers 225 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque and goes 0-60 mph in roughly 7.4 seconds.

The speedier of the two is the Ioniq 5 AWD. It also utilizes a 77.4-kWh battery and the 168-kW electric motor, but it adds a second 74-kW motor up front that combines to generate 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque.

The AWD version is more than two seconds faster than the Ioniq 5 RWD, going 0-60 mph in a rapid 5.2 seconds. The AWD model has a top speed of 115 mph.


Despite the competition that includes some imposing EVs like the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Volkswagen ID.4, the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an impressive new all-electric SUV that could find a niche among its rivals.

–  J.W.

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