MINI Cooper Electric

The MINI Drive, Electrified

Base MSRP: From $29,900

  • Signature – From $29,900
  • Signature Plus – From $33,900
  • Iconic – From $36,900

Tax credit: Up to $7,500
EPA Range: 110 miles, pure electric
Battery: 33kWh
Charging Acceptance Rate: 7.4 kW


Performance: Electric vehicle (EV); 32.6 kWh battery, 184 horsepower
Mileage estimate: 110 electric miles
Price estimate: From $22,400 – $29,400
Warranty: 8 years/100,000 miles
Drivetrain warranty: 4 years/50,000
Roadside assistance: 4 years/unlimited miles
Corrosion warranty: 12 years/unlimited miles

Reviews of the MINI Cooper SE

2020 MINI Electric


Although the wait is not over, the orders keep coming in for the new MINI Electric.

Borrowing a page from the Tesla playbook, the folks at MINI claim to have received more than 45,000 reservations for its new all-electric vehicle, a 3-door hatchback. This pre-ordering strategy was successfully utilized by Tesla, and from appearances it seems to be working for MINI as well. The two-fold reasoning is it provides a gauge for public interest and if successful becomes a solid marketing tool.

Meanwhile, the wait continues for the 2020 MINI Electric, also known as the MINI Cooper SE. Production is expected to begin in November (2019) alongside other MINIs at its Oxford plant in the United Kingdom. The first MINI EVs are supposed to be ready for distribution in March 2020.

Since 2000, MINI has been owned and developed by the BMW Group. So, knowing that the German automaker is firmly embracing electric vehicles, it comes as no surprise that MINI is coming up with an EV vehicle as well. The MINI Electric is the group’s first all-electric car since the BMW i3 was unveiled in 2013.

BMW is determined not to be left behind when it comes to electric vehicles (EV). By 2025, the BMW Group wants 15-25 percent of its total sales to be generated by EV cars. It eventually intends to offer every one of its models with the choice of gas, diesel, plug-in hybrid or EV propulsion.

Exterior Style

The latest MINI is reminiscent of the MINI Cooper. It’s not a bad strategy because MINI designed the new EV to attract its existing customer base. With a few exceptions, the MINI Electric adopts the standard MINI design. It utilizes the same interior design as a regular MINI Cooper, but what sets it apart from an external standpoint is the distinctive wheels and some yellow accents.

Interior Space

Seating will accommodate four people and the back seat will fold down to increase the cargo area of the hatchback. The cabin features a 5.5 instrument display behind the steering wheel and an 8.8-inch navigation and entertainment screen.

Range is always a defining feature for any EV vehicle. So, it’s surprising that the MINI Electric – with its 32.6 kWh battery situated in the floor between the front and rear seats – won’t go a lot farther before a charge is required. It reportedly will go around 110 miles, a meager distance considering some of the its major competitors can go much more before recharging.


The MINI Electric was designed with a 50-kilowatt fast-charging battery pack that will produce an 80-percent charge in 35 minutes. Of course, owners of the new EV will be able to plug it into a 120-volt household outlet at home and get it fully charged overnight.


Performance is a selling point for the MINI EV that employs an electric motor that delivers 184 horsepower (135kW) and 200 pound-feet of torque, the identical motor used in the BMW i3. The MINI EV reportedly goes 0-62 miles in 7.3 seconds and has a top speed of 93 mph. It has four driving modes (Sport, Mid, Green, Green-plus). The MINI Electric has two types of regenerative braking.

There is no definitive information on the mileage estimate. The BMW i3 gets 113 mpge.


While we applaud MINI for offering an all-electric vehicle that looks cool and has some fine qualities, we question why the range isn’t compatible with existing EV models that can go a lot farther before needing a charge.

–  J.W.

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Recommended Power Level of Charging Station for MINI Electric = 32A

Vehicle Acceptance rate: 6.6kW

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