ChargePoint Home

  • Connection: Hardwired
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 16 – 32A
  • Cable Length: 12′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: Mexico
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price on Amazon

User Reviews of the ChargePoint Home


Update 01/13/2017
A replacement unit arrived and it took 5 minutes to install/setup/start charging. Still annoyed that I spent hours questioning my setup and talking to tech support to figure out that the previous charger was DOA. Taking off one star for questionable initial quality and potential longevity issues. I’ll update as time progresses.

I installed the charger in less than 30 minutes. The install was easy and intuitive. First, I spent 30 minutes unsuccessfully trying to connect it to my wireless network via the app and then another hour with tech support trying to resolve this issue. After changing countless configurations on my home Wi-Fi, they agreed that my unit may have a damaged wireless module. With a replacement unit on its way, I figured I’ll use the busted Chargepoint without the scheduling/monitoring option. Wrong again, it won’t charge and the charging wire leads don’t have any current going to them. I’ll update my review once I receive a replacement, but thus far, I am not impressed with the quality and a simple install turned into a wasted day.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


I like everything about the product- the look, the app, the capabilities- but it is quite a bit more expensive than other chargers on the market. If it is out of the way, it doesn’t need to be pretty (but this one is).


Verified Purchase, Amazon


The charging system works great but they have a glitch in the scheduling part of the software that does not allow a person to schedule a charge during a certain period of time between weekend and weekday. The fix is to allow the user to schedule the on-off periods for each day and not break it only between weekday and weekend.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


So usually I dont write nay reviews and there are no reviews to my name. I had such a bad experience with Chargepoint customer support that I thought, I should leave one. I know the experience differs greatly from person to person but mine was just horrendous.

So here it goes. I am newbie to EV so I am shopping around for EV car chargers for home. I had zeroed in on 2 products.

1. Chargepoint
2. av turbo cord

I was going to buy Chargepoint because of its capability in scheduling. I called up the sales customer care number and I was asked to call a different number because they handle only commercial sales. So I called up another number and I got through to a rep. I gave my name stated what I wanted and then she went silent and hung up. I called again giving the benefit of doubt to the network connection, even though I had full signal. I got through to a rep again and told him what I was looking for. He was like go to amazon and pick your choice yourself. I was like err..I can do that but I have some questions. I wanted to buy the 16A bundle but my electrical work has been predone for 50A. Wanted to know if I can use the 16A on the 50A. The rep was like you have to figure it out yourself. I was like, can you tell me if your 16A product can be used on a 50A socket. He said I cannot make any recommendations, please employ an electrician and go back to amazon to choose your bundle. At this point I was like why cant you make recommendations on your own product compatibility? He said repeatedly to go on to amazon and choose configuration, where as my question was about the configuration in itself. I asked him, being industry leader in EV charging they are not able to help me choose my charger and point me directly. He hung up.

I called the AV turbo cord next to see if they can help me out. The person was really polite answered all my questions. Explained about the federal rebate that I can get.

I just wish charge point was a little more courteous in how they handled the call.

The one star is not for their product but for the customer service.

Mani I.

Verified Purchase, Amazon

User Photos of the ChargePoint Home

Photo shared by Eric C. on

I came back and have to change this from a 4 star to a 3 star. The reason why I did this is because my internet connection was down. This caused my charger not to charge my car until my internet was back up. This device seems to need constant internet connection to be able to charge your car. I have my settings to charge after 9PM so I am not 100% sure if that is the reason why it didn’t charge immediately when I plugged it in. Since this device doesn’t have a button on the unit to immediately charge, this is a problem. I’ll have to contact ChargePoint and see if they have a firmware update on the unit to fix this problem. E.g. this unit should have some kind of internal memory to save your settings just in case there is an internet outage. If I get any good information, I will post it up here.


Before buying this charger, I did shop around a bit. This charger happened to be the charger that fit my situation.

The features are great. Pros:
1) Nest integration shows my energy reports based on my EV charging usage and my AC usage during summer.
2) Charge only in a specified time interval (this is good if you have a special plan with your electric utility company)
3) Let’s me know on my smartphone that my car needs to plugged in if past a certain time I specified (E.g. I set it to notify me after 9PM if it’s not plugged in). Some people are saying that their car already does this. My Volt tells me this through OnStar, but it is not always reliable. I.e. it’s pretty in consistent. If your car already does this, good for you.
4) I can view the charging status on my smart phone

1) If you set to charge only at a specified time (E.g. from 9PM – 5 AM) and you tried to start charging your car outside of that time (E.g. 6PM), you have to use the app on your smartphone to start charging. There is no button on the station to override this setting and start charging. This can get very frustrating especially as you do errands throughout the day.

I agree with some people that this is a bit pricey depending on the length of the chord and the level of amperage you want, but if your state is giving you a rebate for the purchase of this charger, why not just use that to your advantage? Also, at least in California, the state will give you a rebate for the purchase/lease of your EV car. You might as well just use that rebate for this charging station.


Photo shared by Victor C. on

I purchased this unit after reading few reviews, for the small profile and excellent WiFi connectivity with app. I also contacted ChargePoint to verify that it was ok to drill the hole close to the power connection (See pics). I did not want to have the power cables showing under the unit since I was installing the hardwired option. It took the electrician less than 30 minutes to run the cable from the electric panel through the attic and inside the wall where I wanted the unit installed.
After the installation was completed, the activation to connect to the WiFi (optional) was very easy following the instructions on the app.

I like this charger and recommend to anyone having a plug in hybrid.

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