ClipperCreek HCS Series

  • Connection: Hardwired or Plug-In
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 32A – 48A
  • Cable Length: 25′
  • Safety Certification: ETL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price




Our Review of the ClipperCreek HCS Series


  • NEMA 4 enclosure (rain, dirt, dust, wind resistant)
  • Long 25 foot cable
  • Works well in extreme cold and hot temperatures
  • Cable wrap is integrated into unit
  • Comes with a low profile connector holster
  • Large selection of  hardwired and plug types
  • ETL Listed (Safety certified)
  • Made in USA


  • Not portable
  • Not compact

We purchased this ClipperCreek HCS-40 directly from the manufacturer, even though it is also available on Amazon. Either way you will have to pay shipping. Delivery came as expected, within a couple days and the unit was packed securely, with no damage and it came with instruction manual to install which was very detailed and simple to follow, however, most people will need to hire a professional electrician to assist in initial install. ClipperCreek maintains an online database of recommended electricians and a quick search of Denver showed five options.

The HCS-40 is a 240-Volt with 32-Amps of power (7.7kW) which is great for fast charging on plug-in electric vehicles. We were able to add 45 miles of range in the Honda Clarity in 2 hours.  The cable is the 25′ max, easily winds around the station, and never got hot to the touch (as others in this power range have).

This is not a ‘smart’ charger. It is not WiFi connected and doesn’t talk to your Alexa. We have repeatedly found that those stations don’t stay connected and are more trouble that they are worth. They have also been security issues as they can be hacked. If you are looking for a connected unit, this is not the station for you. However, electric vehicles typically have the capability to set charging times and view the charging progress from your phone.

We were curious about the naming convention of the HCS-40, as it’s 32 Amps, not 40, so we used their website chat and asked. A very friendly customer service agent told us that it’s because it needs to be on a 40 Amp continuous and dedicated circuit and that all their stations are named that way. Interesting! We learn something new every day!

The HCS-40 reasonably priced compared to other 32 amp options. We paid $565 and that price seems consistent on Amazon as well.

This model is hardwired, so no portability. They do offer plug options, but the station is too big to really be easily ‘portable.’ It it can be mounted indoors or outdoors, a bit bulky in size, but has a rugged and durable NEMA 4 enclosure. Suggestion would be to install in and leave it, even the plug model. They do offer a ‘travel bracket’ for $24.95 so if you have a second home you could feasibly take a plug model back and forth easily. We have no need for that, but it’s a nifty idea.

Also shipped with the unit was a padlock for security and a wall mount connector holster, very simple to install and protects the connector while car is not charging.

Overall the manufacturer, ClipperCreek, has a very good reputation within the industry for reliability of their products and outstanding customer service. They are one of, if not, the original charging station pioneers. We like that their charging stations are safety certified, backed by a three year warranty, and made in the USA. Reviews online point to excellent customer service and reliability and that’s exactly what we’ve experienced as well.

User Reviews of the ClipperCreek HCS Series


Solid Device

This replaced a Juicebox charger that failed after about 2 years use. So far, so good, just wish it had a power meter to record my actual electric used for charging the car.


Verified Purchase, Amazon



Verified Purchase, Amazon



Verified Purchase, Amazon


Timothy M. Wolf

Verified Purchase, Amazon



Verified Purchase, Amazon


Neil Kirby

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Carl T. Evans

Verified Purchase, Amazon



Verified Purchase, Amazon

Installations of the HCS Series EVSE

HCS Plug-In Install Outdoor

HCS Pole/Wall Mount Install

HCS Hardwired Wall-Mount Install

Industry Reviews of the ClipperCreek HCS Series

I received my HCS-40p about a year ago and it’s lived up to the reputation that past ClipperCreek products have earned.  Made from airline-grade plastics they are probably the toughest EVSEs on the market. There’s even a video of ClipperCreek employees beating an HCS-40 with a baseball bat, and the bat broke before the station did.

Read full review at >

Tom Moloughney

The Clipper Creek HCS-50 EV Charging Station is tough, reliable and powerful 40 amp station paired with a durable rubber over-molded cable and vehicle connector. It has 240-volt, Level 2 charging capabilities and is good for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Read full review at BMW Blog >

Nico DeMattia

BMW Blog

The 120V portable charging station provided with my PHEV vehicle was too slow to deliver a full charge between when I started charging at midnight (initiated by my vehicle’s charging timer, to take advantage of the lowest electricity rates) and when I left home the next morning just before 9AM. To recharge more quickly at home I needed a 240V charging station, but Toyota does not offer one. Fortunately, I know someone who knows a lot about EVs. He recommended that I check out a company called ClipperCreek.

I checked them out by reading reviews of their charging stations and also of competing brands. I learned that ClipperCreek has a solid reputation for reliable charging stations and excellent customer service. To see for yourself, read some reviews. You can also give them a call at (877) 694-4194.

To learn more and then to pass that information along to you, I asked ClipperCreek if they would send me one of their charging stations to review. They agreed.

Read full review at AutoMatters & More >

Jan W.

Automatters & More

Experience from owners from all parts of the country confirm that even after six months of daily use in all kinds of weather the unit still perform flawlessly and doesn’t show any signs of use. The robust cable is easy to loop back around the unit when I disconnect, regardless of outside temperature. The plug snaps into the holster with a reassuring click, which makes you certain that it will stay in place. Add to the mix an improved rubber over molded cable and connector with extra impact and crush resistant, and you get a really tough charger.

Read full review at EV Reviewer >

EV Reviewer

A couple of thoughtful design features make it clear that Clipper Creek designers understand the little details that make the charger easier to use. There is no on/off button. The unit stays in a very low-power standby mode, drawing power only to light the single status LED, until it is plugged in. Cord reel ears are integrated into charger body; the cord wraps around the unit to keep it off the floor. ClipperCreek provides a rugged, low cost plastic charge coupler holster for just $19 that keeps the charge coupler out of the way until needed.
The company’s reputation for reliability is well deserved. This reporter’s two ClipperCreek units, an LCS-25 and an HCS-60 operate flawlessly. Neither one has ever had so much as a hiccup and have never required a reset or any other attention. The LCS-20 is made in America, has ETL Certification and comes with a 3 year warranty.

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Electric Car Insider

As electronics gizmos go, ClipperCreek charge stations are pretty boring to review. I bought an LCS-25 direct from ClipperCreek in 2013 and I’ve never found anything to complain about in over a year and a half of daily use. Not a single failure of any kind. Not even a hung state that requires a reset, unusual for a software based appliance. The thing just hangs on the wall quietly doing its job. No alarm beeps. No buzzing or erratic behavior like most of my other electrical equipment is prone to engage in from time to time. And certainly not anything exciting like a fire. You’d think that something that handles as much power as the HCS-60 would at least put out a puff of smoke now and again. Or melt a little and require a recall like my Tesla charge adapter. But no, nothing. Just the same steady green light the whole time. I suppose I’ll get used to that kind of rock solid reliability, although I’ll continue to wonder why there are so few EVSE made with that kind of quality.

Read full review at Electric Car Insider >

Electric Car Insider

User Videos of the ClipperCreek HCS Series

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