ClipperCreek LCS Series

  • Connection:¬†Hardwired or Plug-In
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 16A – 24A
  • Cable Length: 25′
  • Safety Certification: ETL & UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price




User Reviews of the ClipperCreek LCS Series


I had been using only the OEM level 1 charger for the past two years but now that we picked up a second used BEV it was time to upgrade to level 2 charging..this reduced the demand on our 120v garage electrical lines. We had an electrician redirect our unused 30amp/220v clothes dryer supply to the garage and retained the NEMA 14-30 receptacle. So it was perfect to have a 25 amp charger with a NEMA 14-30 power plug. The receptacle and service to the clothes dryer are now dead. We seldom need more than a 50% charge, and this takes about two hours using the LCS-30P. Both our BMW i3 have DC fast charging capability so often we stop at local area DC charging stations for 15 minutes (BMW includes a year of free DC fast charging through the EVgo network with the purchase of a CPO i3), and restore to battery to 85%. Then it’s only one hour charging for the LCS unit. We have no range issues in driving our BEV i3s with their 22kW battery and 80-90 mile range around the Phx metro area with the availability of both our home and community power supplies options.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


Works very well. Plugs in and removes easily unlike the made in China competitor that I returned.

Paul C.

Verified Purchase, Amazon


We had to have a dedicated electrical line run to the garage (we live in an older home and the circuit would not support the extra load), but once the plug was installed and we plugged the car in, it’s been wonderful. Unit works exactly as we hoped. UPDATE 2/23/16: Very happy with the product – we had a problem with the cord twisting and the company immediately responded and replaced the unit – no hassle. Major A+ for customer service.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


Purchased on and shipped directly from mfg. and I received in 1 day…both mfg. and I are located in Northern California. Unit works perfectly so far. Haven’t compared the charge time to my 120V OEM charger but it does seem to charge my 2013 Prius Plug-In in about 1 1/2 hours compared to 3 1/2 – 4 hours with my 120V OEM charger makes for an excellent upgrade… would i purchase again = YES would i recommend = YES (depending on vehicle specifics of course)


Verified Purchase, Amazon


Charging unit works great. ClipperCreek is a standout company. The customer service is superior!!! I would recommend highly to anyone.

Lori Hammell

Verified Purchase, Amazon

User Photos of the ClipperCreek LCS Series

Photo shared by Erik on

Clipper Creek makes some of the best and most affordable chargers on the market. I had numerous pre-sales questions about this unit and their customer support team was able to address them all. The installation was straight forward and hassle free. I’ve been using this charger for about 8 months now, and I’ve been very pleased with it, it’s held up against 95 degree August heat and -10 degree January lows. The charge handle is well built, and the included bracket keeps the contacts away from the elements. The units operation has been consistent and flawless, and it charges so much faster than the L1 charger that came with my C-Max Energi.

Photo shared by Joe L. on

I bought this unit based on countless positive reviews online. The customer service was VERY helpful as I called to research the best solution for my needs. This is a very compact, well built unit, installation was a breeze and this is performing flawlessly with my 2012 Chevrolet Volt. I highly recommend Clipper Creek to anyone shopping for a vehicle charging solution for their location.

Photo shared by GD. on

I’m happy to say after two months of charging, this ClipperCreek LCP-20P, Level-2 charging-station works every time with my new 2017 BMW i3. I wouldn’t hesitate in buying from this company again in the future. Made in USA from high quality materials, UL approved. “IT WORKS”

Photo shared by emailchrishall on

It’s the perfect charger for the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Install and use is very simple and very easy. The long cable leaves you with lots of options for where to park when charging. I installed mine near my electrical panel in my garage so the car can either be in the garage or parked right outside and I can still charge. Great all around product.

User Videos of the ClipperCreek LCS Series

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