JuiceBox Pro Series

  • Connection: Hardwired or Plug-in, NEMA 14-50
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 32A or 40A
  • Cable Length: 25′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: See today’s price on Amazon

Our Review of the JuiceBox Pro 40


  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Long 25′ cable
  • Compact design
  • Made in USA
  • Safety certified


  • WiFi difficult to set up
  • Interrupted charging times due to over the air updates
  • Mounting bracket not secure
  • Cable can be hard to unwind when cold

NOTE: After JuiceBox was bought by Enel they released a new generation of the JuiceBox Pro which brings about a few changes. The cable length is now 25′ instead of 24′ and the unit has an integrated cable wrap, but from what we’ve seen online the cable can still be difficult to bend. The older JuiceBox has a metal casing while their new generation has a plastic casing.


JuiceBox Pro 40 Review

I ordered the Juicebox Pro 40 from Amazon. The station arrived in good packaging with no damage. The installation manual was straightforward, but since this is a plug version, the mounting was not complicated (but set up and connection to the app left a lot to be desired, see below). I already have a NEMA 14-50 receptacle, so no need to call an electrician.

There is an option to get a hardwired version of the Juicebox Pro but it is in a 32 Amp version only. Since I have the receptacle, it was a lot less expensive to avoid an electrician. When I bought mine, the 40 Amp plug version was the same price as the 32 Amp. After owning an older model Nissan LEAF for over a year now I know without a doubt that my next car will be electric. My next EV will have more battery power and the ability to charge faster (with a higher acceptance rate) so I opted for the higher-powered 40 Amp Juicebox Pro so that even when I move up in car, it will be able to charge it quickly. I don’t typically let my LEAF get too low on range so the longest charging times are around 3 hours. It all works out to gain about 20 miles of range per hour when using the Level 2 Juicebox Pro 40 Lite.

The ‘installation’ was easy as it was really just the installation of a separate mounting bracket for the wall and one for the station. A problem for me, and I now see other reviews mentioning this as well, is that the mounting bracket takes two screws and because of how its laid out only one can go into a stud and the other into the wall, which is not ideal.

One of the cons to the Juicebox Pro 40 is there is no integrated cable wrap, but it does come with a separate cable hanger and connector dock combo, which was easy to install. It seems a little flimsy especially when it holds the whole cable, though, so time will tell.

Note that for an outdoor installation, the manual advises against installing the Juicebox Pro 40 in direct sun and somewhere protected from the rain, yet it needs to be within Wi-Fi range. Juicebox recommends against using a GFCI circuit breaker, but the electrician told me that is against code so he had to install it that way. This EV charger also requires a NEMA 14-50R outdoor enclosure, which is easy to add.

The cable is 24 feet long which is long enough to reach my vehicle anywhere in the garage or driveway. Some EV charging stations do come with a 25 foot cable length, which is the max allowed under National Electric Code, but one foot doesn’t make a difference to me.  If someone were planning to have multiple EVs in a garage or driveway it may be more convenient to have that extra foot of cable reach. I have noticed that the cable becomes stiff and hard to bend when it’s cold, which is strange and can make the cable wavy even when it’s extended for a charge.

One thing that I appreciate about the Juicebox Pro 40 is that it is safety certified (UL Listed). After reading several articles pointing out that many on Amazon are not, I was careful to double check before purchasing. It’s worth paying a little more to ensure my family’s safety.

As far as the “Quick Start” instructions to set up WiFi, the directions left a lot to be desired. I had trouble connecting to the network and there is a 2 minute window to do the set up or you have to unplug the unit and start over, which I had to do several times. Eventually I had to enlist the help of one of my sons to complete the set up. I doubt I will ever want to use the app to see my energy usage or program charging times since my car has that ability, but I wanted to do the complete installation to see how hard it was. For me, it was hard!

I did have to inquire with Juicebox about the dozens of email alerts I’ve received about the EVSE going offline and then back online. It appears that there’s nothing wrong with my Internet connection, but sometimes their programmers are working on something that affects my EV charger for some reason. They didn’t give me much more than what I’m sure is their standard reply so I’m still not sure why their updates affect my use of the charger.

Caution: Units cannot be returned or refunded after 30 days. There is a 3 year warranty, but they will not repair units out of warranty, even if you want to pay. If you are under warranty, Juicebox will only ship the replacement to you upon receiving the failed unit (unless the failure is within 6 months of purchase) meaning you will have to uninstall the EV charger, wait for it to arrive at their business, wait for them to ship an EVSE back to you, and re-install before you can use your level 2 home EV charger again. Another tidbit I found out: for those of you who are outside the continental US, be aware that you will be responsible for all shipping costs in case of a warranty replacement on the Juciebox Pro 40.


User Reviews of the JuiceBox Pro 40


JuiceBox Pro 40 charges our 2015 BMW i3 REX in 3.5 hours from flat. Far less than the $2,000 quoted by BMW to install their charger.

Took less than ten minutes to hang and install. (After our electrician ran a 50 amp circuit to the garage)

WiFi option is nice, but not 100 pct required if your car connects to Internet.

So far so good. Will update in 6 months.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


I ended up sending my JuiceBox back to get it upgraded by Electric Motor Werks, I ordered it through Amazon as their web site was having issues processing credit cards. The Amazon store for these did not offer any options, such as a cord that isn’t like wrestling an anaconda every morning and night when you unplug and plugin your car. Once I sent it back and got the upgraded cord that was greatly improved, but the product “as is” was not excellent. I can’t imagine what the EV plug cord would be like in a cold climate.

I also upgraded to the Pro version, which is full of misleading claims by the manufacturer on their web site. I realize they are a small firm, but they could at least put accurate details and images in their product description. They have many inaccurate statements and images on their site for the JuiceBox Pro apps, overall I am pretty disappointed. Yes, it “works”…but I paid extra for features that don’t really work. If you are considering the “Pro” version go buy a ChargePoint instead.

Update 07/21/2017:
I’ve been using this device for over a year, and as a basic EVSE it works great…however the “smart” functions are really hit or miss. The service is pretty unreliable, some days I will get dozens and dozens of emails alerting me that my device is offline and then online repeating every 2 minutes…one day I had to delete over 50 such emails. The defect wasn’t on my network or my Internet connection, it was with their cloud services. They provide no notification when they are doing work, there is nothing for you to know why this is happening…so you may waste time troubleshooting your side of it and find nothing. Honestly, if I was to buy it again I would likely go with a competitor product. I’ve emailed their support team asking for info about it and I get replies like “Apologies for the inconvenience, but our engineers and programmers don’t always let us know what they are doing. I agree, and have been asking for what seems like years now to get them to let me know so I can put a note on our site.”


Verified Purchase, Amazon


This is my second EV car charger (we have two EVs now), and we purchased this one because it was the best value for a 40A charger and has a class leading 25 foot cord. Generous (~5 feet) of supply cord to plug the unit in. Small profile (I mounted this on a pillar between two garages so it can be plugged into either car, so being narrow mattered). Mounting plate allows the unit to be removed to take with you, if that is your desire. HOWEVER, some minor quibbles:
1-NO indicator light of any kind on the unit (but the car does have a light and you do hear a loud relay click)
2-The cord is not rubber, it is plasticky, and feels kinda stiff. Will see if it gets rigor mortis in cold northern NJ winter
3-The hanger for the cord and holster for the plug device seems kinda flimsy (and other reviewers claim they break right away)
4-The plug is a little tough to engage, but maybe will improve with use

Carol and David Melvin

Verified Purchase, Amazon


I can’t really tell folks how well it works. Because the one I received… does not work. Right out of the box. Paid $600 for the device. Another $400 to have it installed by a professional. But when we plug it in all 3 lights flash and all the device does is beep. Took over 2 hours to get through to customer service and after another 30 minutes on the phone they explain that it’s a defective device. Nice testing. But it doesn’t work and the only resolution is for me to remove this from my wall. But I’m not an electrician so I have to spend another $200 to get the electrician back out to remove the one that doesn’t work and install the replacement. I don’t even know if that will work. I’m not impressed at all and seriously wish I had just gone with Clipper Creek. A bit more expensive but I’m sure it was worth it. Do not buy this product!!

Richard W Sharp

Verified Purchase, Amazon


I bought a Juicebox 40 charging station and it worled well for about a year and then suddenly stopped working, so I’ve been taking my Nissan Leaf to public charging stations. What’s wrong?

I checked all connections, and reset the circuit breaker, but for some reason I just failed. I cannot recommend this unit anymore. I’ve been trying to figure what is wrong.

I guess I’ll have to call an electrician, and have him uninstall the Juicebox 40, then mail it in to the factory and have them mail me out a replacement unit, and then call the electrician back to install. Hopefully it’ll work.

David L

Nissan Leaf owner

User Photos of the JuiceBox Pro

Photo shared by Amazon Customer on Amazon.com

I did a lot of research before coming to this one. The design is elegant and I like how things are done with it. There are others that are more “functional” with a built in cable holder but I had other plans anyways on this. Lets start with things I like about it.

Things liked:
Very nice packaging and easy to follow instructions if your into reading instructions. I am not much into reading instructions so something being straight forward is very important to me and this product is very straight foward and easy to install for any DIYer.  Appears to be a sealed case with very thick cabling. UL Listed. High amperage charger for a decent price. This one appears to be the highest amperage in its class for the cheapest price and also has one of the longest cables. Easy to setup wifi for easy monitoring.
So far I have two gripes:
The mounting bracket doesn’t feel very thought out. At least compared to the rest of the device and layout. Since its only two screws you can only attach one to a stud and the other will be going into your wall which isn’t secure at all.
The holder for the charging handle also needs a more robust mount

Broke after 15 months! Not Happy!

The unit broke after 15 months with 5-beep error.
Contacted support for advanced replacement.
Received replacement but the replacement unit is in very poor condition.
The J1772 is all scratched with some white plastic coming off.
(My original unit is in perfect condition)
Contacted support again and asked to return the replacement unit and to perform warranty repair on my original unit.
They refused my request to repair my original unit.
Sent more emails to support but no more replies!
– Tiger, Amazon user

I love it. I recommend it to everyone.

I love it. It saves me tons of cash since Edison changed to a TOA billing. I set up charging to happen only at night.
It Charges my 2018 Bolt in less than 8 hours. App works well with my Samsung phone. I put the 220 line in myself for less than $300. The 50 amp gfi breaker was the most expensive part ($100…CA code) and the the 25 ft of 6 guage romex wire. Took me about 3 hours to drill run the wire and mount the Juice Box.
Highly recommend putting in a switch for the 220 outlet. For $20 extra I can shut off the juicebox without unplugging it. It made setting up the wifi and app super simple since the box will only connect during the first 3 minutes its plugged in. The 220 plug is a pain to pull out and plug in.

So far no down sides.
– Matthew on Amazon

User Videos of Juicebox Pro

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