EVoCharge EV Charging Station

  • Connection: Plug-in, NEMA 6-50, Wall-Mount
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 32A
  • Cable Length: 18′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price on Amazon


Our Review of the EVoCharge EV Charging Station


User Reviews of the EVoCharge EV Charging Station


Nice Charger – Almost Perfect

The unit is compact and easy to install (included mounting bracket) and even though it is supplied with a plug is very easily converted over to a hard wired configuration. Casing is weather sealed and suitable for indoor/outdoor installation. And it works.

Now, I had an issue with the unit programming conflicting with my cars charging protocol (kept thinking that it had just been plugged in and restarted the charging process – endlessly, even though the car was full – not damaging, just annoying) and I contacted EVocharge and, after a review of the symptoms they said they had a software upgrade that would correct the issue – So they sent me a new unit and a return label to rebox and ship the original unit back to them for updated programming. Very good customer support – would recommend them if you need a simple, classy (the box is very classically cool), weather resistant level 2 charger.

John Wahlquist

Verified Purchase, Amazon


J1772 latch on mine was fragile, otherwise great

I purchased my EVoCharge on May 22, 2018. It was easy to install and worked great until yesterday, 10/9/2018. I was putting the cord and plug away and untwisting the cord. The plug hit the concrete floor and the latch broke. I sent the seller an email yesterday. I am hoping that the plug or latch piece will be replaced under warranty as it should not have broken so easily. The charger is functional, but without the latch it will not secure to the storage socket. Updates 10/10/2018: 1. I repaired the latch with a 1/8″ steel rod. 2. Daniel at EVoCharge contacted me back. The latch is covered under warranty because it should not have broken. The J1772 plug is supposed to withstand being driven over by a car! They are sending me a replacement.

Dale L. Harmon

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Clarity full in little over 2 hours!

I’m very satisfied with the EVoCharge. It charges my Clarity to full from empty in just over two hours charging at the full 32 amps.

The indicator light on the charger is bright and can be easily seen at night and during the day if the sun isn’t directly on it. This makes it easy to see if the charge is complete.

Unit is light and could be used as a portable if you desired but I don’t think most people or parking structures have this type of plug. I did see in a forum that some have purchased an extra mounting plate to move it back and forth between properties.

The charge head has a great feel about it including the release button which is capped in a velvety soft rubber. Charge cord is hefty. Heads up, if you know you cannot always park right next to the unit, opt for the longer cable. I’ve had a couple situations where it feels like the car is close enough but the cable ends up pulled tight to plug in and I wished I had the longer cable.


Verified Purchase, Amazon

User Photos of EVoCharge


Simple, fast charging, reasonable price, and great customer service.

This unit is as described. The white box is actually smaller than a piece of paper (picture attached). It can be set for 40, 30 or 20 Amp breakers at 240V, so that 32, 24 or 16 Amps would be the maximum draw to keep things safe. There is a dip switch setting inside that needs to be switched for the different settings. (picture of the tiny dip switches is attached)

The unit comes with very heavy duty cables. The 6-50 plug and cable is quite substantial but only about 1 foot long, and the charging cable is also quite thick and solidly built, but still flexible enough to handle easily.

As a separate part, they supply a wall mountable holster for the charging plug. This is attached separately from the unit, so you can put it anywhere, and the top of it is also designed so you can loop the cable over the holster instead of on top of the white box. I have attached a couple pictures, but the cable in the pictures is the one that came with my Leaf. The EvoCharge cable is a bit thicker.

I changed the wiring so that it could take a 30A 240V breaker circuit in my house which was used for a dryer. It was very easy to take apart the box with a T20 Torx driver. When switching to a 30A circuit, I had 4 wires in my cable, but the unit’s 6-50 plug cable only had 3 wires. The 6-50 had Black, Green and White, but the 30A circuit had Black, Green, Red, and White. The manual says to put the Red where the White cable was, and that worked fine. The extra white was just taped up and pushed aside. Instead of using a plug adapter or hard wiring to my wall, I just replaced the 6-50 plug cord with a standard dryer cord with plug which cost a lot less and was simple to install. Although I left the new cord at 4 feet, it probably should have been cut shorter to less than 18 inches to stay within code. I plan to reattach the 6-50 once I get a new 40 Amp circuit put in my garage.

When charging with this unit, my Leaf Spy says my Leaf was drawing between 5 and 5.1 kW. With my regular wall plug (15A/120V) I would only get 1 kW, so this is almost exactly 5 times faster when using my 30A 240V circuit. I imagine it would be about 6.5 times as fast if I used a 40A circuit and drew at 32A. I note that I am using the 25 foot version, plus a 40 foot JLong extension cable (JLONG – 40 Amp, 40ft, J1772 extension cable), so there is probably a bit more energy loss in my set up than most. I’m happy with the 5 X boost in charging speed though, as I was able to add 44% charge in a little less than 2 hours. I note that the cables and the charging unit did not even get warm, so I think everything is pretty safe in terms of capacity.

One of my deciding factors on choosing this unit was its relatively compact size. It is big enough to be wall mounted, but small enough that I can carry it around very easily. I compared this unit to the Siemens, but the Siemens was just too big and heavy for my purposes, and the Siemens also has a slightly lower top charging capacity.

Regarding customer service:
Before buying this unit, I had a few questions, so I posted my question on Amazon about using this with my dryer plug. I got an answer the next day saying I could, but without the details of how. So, I emailed them directly and got a reply the same day telling me that I would have to change a few dip switches inside the machine. Upon my request Chris, in customer service, emailed me a copy of the owner’s manual, since it is a new unit and they didn’t have it on the website yet. He said that if I told him when I was ordering that they would set the dip switches for me so I wouldn’t have to open up the unit. In the end I did open it up to wire it to the 30Amp/240V service, but when I got the unit the dip switches were already set up as requested. The default setting is for a 40A service. They shipped the unit the same day I ordered, with the dip switches set up for me.

I also emailed Chris because I wanted to be sure the 18 foot cable was going to be long enough, as it was going to be pretty tight with 18 feet of cable (plus my 40ft JLong). Chris had it measured and confirmed that the 18 feet is from the charging box to the business end of the plug. This helped me decide to get the 25 foot cable to be sure I wasn’t going to be caught short. I think this was for the best anyway, as I like having the extra few feet of wiggle room. The extra cost for the longer cable was about the cost of one fill up of my old ICE car.

The combination of the simplicity of the unit, the high charging capacity, the relatively low price, and the fantastic customer service leaves me with no regrets in buying this unit.

I am very happy with this unit so far, and I hope to be using it for many years to come. I will post a follow up if I have any issues or additional information.


Verified Purchase, Amazon

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