Leviton Evr-Green 400

  • Connection: Plug-in, NEMA 6-50
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 40A
  • Cable Length: 25′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: Check Price on Amazon

User Reviews of the Leviton Evr-Green 400


Works great but mounting plate is NOT included and an installaton kit needs to be purchased separately.

It was my fault that I didn’t see that an installation kit Leviton EVK05-M is needed. The charger unit itself does NOT come with a mounting plate/bracket. You would need to get the installation kit to get the mounting plate. And you CANNOT purchase the mounting plate/bracket by itself. The kit comes with a receptacle, receptacle/electrical box, a receptacle cover, and a mounting plate/bracket to mount the charger. Even if you only need the mounting plate/bracket, you’d need to buy the entire kit. This installation kit is needed for the surface mount model, but not for the flush mount model. Other than this surprise and annoyance, the charger works great with my 2013 Nissan Leaf S. The 25′ cable is just long enough to reach my car in the driveway, as the charger is mounted inside my garage, which is used for storage. I contacted Leviton about the “missing” mounting plate/bracket and customer service was prompt and courteous.

UPDATE: I returned the first unit ordered from Amazon.com because I mistakenly thought it should have come with a mounting plate. The first unit worked great. I then ordered a second unit as a replacement while waiting for the first unit to be returned. After the first unit was picked up by UPS, the second unit arrived. Unfortunately, the second unit flashes a fault and does not charge my car. Now I have to return the second unit. I should have kept the first unit and cancelled the order of the second unit to save me all the troubles, which started by me misreading the description of the unit, WHICH DOES NOT COME WITH A MOUNTING PLATE/BRACKET. I hope you will learn from my mistakes.

UPDATE: Leviton’s customer service is super. Leviton offered to send a replacement unit when I contact the company about the faulty unit. However, it was quicker and easier to return the defective unit (which was ‘used’) and get a brand new unit from Amazon. The brand new unit works flawlessly.

2ND UPDATE: I spoke too soon! The brand new unit worked fine for about 3 weeks then its red LCD “fault” light came on. Leviton paid for shipping of the unit and fixed the problem and returned it back to me in about 7 days. It’s a great thing that Leviton stands by their product. I’m a bit surprised that I experienced two bad units in a row, however.

Luan C. Do

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Let’s just pray it keeps working.

This has been working very well for a couple months now. It was difficult at first because the first unit didn’t have the red clip on the front where the charging handle inserts. Probably a $1 part, but Leviton customer service wasn’t accessible after several attempts and Amazon couldn’t send a part. After a few weeks I returned and rebought at Amazon and we’re up and running. The Juicebox looked much preferable for us. We ordered that first. It was several hundred dollars cheaper, much smaller, but it’s not UL certified so our utility PSE wouldn’t give us a rebate unless we bought the Leviton.

Gabriel B. Grant

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Best on the market

Not the prettiest fruit in the basket, but to get Tesla-charging speeds we can’t be that picky. Most cars have an onboard charger capable of 6.6 kwh, which is about 4 hours for the newer non-Tesla cars (Leaf, Fiat, Focus, i3, etc). If you were to buy the widely available level 2 chargers (Wattstation, Clipper Creek HCS-40) you would be buying an EVSE that could max out this 6.6 kwh. Which is fine for now. But do yourself a favor, get something future-proof. The Leviton EVB40 is capable of charging at speeds up to 9.6 kwh. The only other readily-available unit on the market that has similar charging speeds is the Clipper Creek HCS-60, and that is capable of speeds up to 11.5 kwh but costs about $200 more. The standard Tesla can handle up to 11.5 kwh.

The Leviton is big and ugly. But who cares. It works and is future proof.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


I like the 40amp spec but I had returned it eventually because of the lack of timer/scheduling functionality. I can’t imagine having to remember to go each night at 11pm to plug it in to start the charge. It would be fine if you don’t care about it scheduling. If you are like me wanting to take advantage of the PG&E time based (11pm-7am) low EV rate, there are better units than this. The Mercedes B Class Electric does not have a built-in timer so it does not work for me, otherwise this is a reasonable option. For me, the Siemens Vericharge’s 2-4-6-8 hour delayed start works just fine and the charge can still finish well before the morning even though I can’t set it to start at 11pm precisely.


Verified Purchase, Amazon

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