Leviton Evr-Green Mini EVSE

  • Connection: Plug-in, NEMA 6-30
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 20 Amp
  • Cable Length: 12′ or 18′ options
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 2 years limited
  • Made in: China
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price on Amazon

Our Review of the Leviton Evr-Green Mini


  • UL Listed
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Popular/well-respected brand


  • 2 year warranty; standard for charging stations is 3-5 years.
  • No integrated cable wrap
  • One plug type available (NEMA 6-30) which is not commonly found making travel difficult.


I liked the idea of a portable, Level 2, wall mounted EV charging station, and this one was priced reasonably ($499 when I purchased), so I decided to purchase this plug-in Leviton evr-green mini. Also, I had the correct outlet (240V 6-30R). Leviton has a well-known name in electrical, so I felt confident it would be a quality station. Shipping was quick and product was simple to unpack out of box. The unit was pretty easy to install as it is a plug in and I had the outlet; there was a mounting bracket that needed to be installed first. I appreciate the option of choosing cable length, however, I prefer longer than 12” or 18” reach – it’s just too short! One thing to be informed of – it is a 20 Amp charging station, but needs a 30 Amp circuit. Always check your outlet/power source prior to buying any charging station to be sure it’s sufficient power. That said, the unit is not as portable as I hoped. I have yet to find anyone I have vistited who has a 6-30 outlet; I think a 14-30 (common for dryers) would have been much more convenient. 

This unit is lightweight, however, and is also safety certified (UL Listed).

I have owned this unit for less than 2 years and only had a couple of issues with it and those were recently (won’t charge my vehicle). Once in awhile it requires me to plug/unplug the unit and then it works fine again. I wish the warranty was longer than 2 years. (-Marie)

User Reviews of the Leviton Evr-Green Mini


Over a year old now and works great. One small problem is that once in a while it doesn’t start charging but just unplug it from the wall, wait a few seconds, plug it back in and it works fine.

Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Connector fits perfectly in my LEAF and charges with no problems. Very nice replacement for my original EV charger.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


Has to be unplugged from the wall periodically and cool down. Wouldn’t charge twice for me in 2 months. Oh well.
So much better than the charger that came with the car.

John Price

Verified Purchase, Amazon


This product works well. It charges the car perfect and is a great deal! When we first plugged this charger into our Nissan Leaf, we thought it wasn’t working. You have to push the charger into the car much harder than you do with the Nissan brand Chargers. Once we figured this out, it has worked perfectly ever since!


Verified Purchase, Amazon


UPDATE (11/27/18): This was not at all an isolated issue. But Leviton didn’t replicate the intermittent issue so they don’t think there is a problem. I’m now shopping for a new (non-Leviton brand) charger… I probably can’t even get $100 for this charger that works 95% of the time, at best.

Long version:
It is still intermittent but the frequency of issues has increased *a lot*. The last week I used the charger it failed 3 or 4 nights. I tried sending it in for warranty a year ago but they required the charger to be sent in for who knows how long and wouldn’t send me a loaner. I can’t get by without a level 2 charger with my commute though so I decided to try and make the best out of it.

Eventually after another year it has gotten even worse. Leviton has had my charger for over 3 weeks and I just found out they are just sending it back to me. It worked for them, but it is an intermittent issue. The odds of it having this issue at least once within two weeks of being returned is 99%.

After my repeated experiences with their support (half a dozen calls, even more emails) over more than a year I will never buy a Leviton charger again. I’m going to have to buy a new charger now because I can’t walk out to a dead battery a few times a month when I really need to leave. What a waste of $600.

Original review:
I purchased this ~3 weeks ago to charge the 2012 Leaf I recently got. It was really easy and inexpensive to have an electrician put in an outlet near my car in the garage, and the charger has worked well. I would have given it 5 stars *but* yesterday it didn’t charge my car. I’d plug it in and the car wouldn’t respond to it. I couldn’t figure it out until I tried my 110V Nissan backup charger and it worked fine. I ended up having to unplug the Leviton charger for a minute and then plug it back in to get it to work. It worked fine after doing that but if it happens again this is going back to the manufacturer. Even if the charger worked perfect 99% of the time, that would still mean I’d walk out to an uncharged car about 1 day every 3 months. That is clearly unacceptable if you are like most people and have to drive to work.

I’ll update this review in a few months to see if this was an isolated incident or not.


Verified Purchase, Amazon

User Photos of the Leviton Evr-Green Mini

Shared by CKT

Works decent. According to leaf spy, it charges at 4.2kw/hr.

Update: I returned my Leviton. After a few days of use, it became apparent to me that it sometimes has a bit of friction to plug it in, you have to angle it just right for it to connect smoothly, otherwise you can use more force and it’ll charge. Which I find annoying.

Nice idea, needs adapters for typical dryer outlets

Shared by Kevin C.

I was pretty excited about this product since it is essentially a portable level 2 charger. Just hook it into any dryer outlet and charge up. I figured this would be a great addition to my level 1 charger that came with my Nissan LEAF. However, when I received the product, I noticed that it had an unfamiliar plug on the end of it. It had a ground prong at the top, but the other two solid metal pieces were horizontal and next to each other (NEMA 6-30p, 3 wire, see pic below). My dryer outlet was a 10-50p which consists of one up and down metal shaft at the top, and two angled shafts of metal below it. However, none of the dryer plugs I found at the big box stores had a 6-30p. So in order to use this charger and my dryer, I would have to install a new 6-30r outlet and then buy a new 30A cord for the dryer and attach a new 6-30p plug on the end of it. This would have cost about $65. My electrician offered to just wire up a new 6-30r outlet off the panel, but this would have cost around $115. I decided not to use it, as I already had a level 2 charger hardwired in my garage.

So this would be a great charger for you if you already have a 6-30 dryer outlet. Saves the expense of having an electrician come out and hard wire a charger. This might also be a good choice if you want a level 2 charger that you can take with you when you move, and you happen to have a spare dryer outlet you’re not using that you can convert. Otherwise, I’m not convinced there will be very many places you can plug this in.

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