Schnieder Electric EVlink 30A

NOTE: Schneider is out of the EVSE business; there are a few stations still available on Amazon, but be cautioned that they may not supported any longer.

  • Connection: Hardwired
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 30A
  • Cable Length: 18′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price on Amazon

User Reviews of the Schneider Electric EVLink 30A


An Excellent Basic 240V Charger!

This is a straightforward, but very effective, charger. I purchased it from Amazon and then had my electrician install it for me. How much will an installation cost? That depends completely on your situation, your electrician, and the materials that will be needed. In my case, I had space in my panel, so just needed to add a 40 amp breaker. NOTE: Although this is a 30-amp charger, the instructions clearly say that it requires a 40 amp circuit. This makes a difference if you might be planning to use an existing 30 amp circuit. I found a spot in my garage to mount it and that required a run of 40 feet of wire, fished into the wall. We decided to install a 40 amp appliance receptacle in the garage to make it easier in case I ever decided to relocate or replace the unit. The electrician just wired an appliance plug onto the unit and we plugged it into the newly installed wall receptacle. My total installation was $409. Added to the cost of the unit, that put the total cost over $1,000 for me, including the installation.

It couldn’t be easier to use. I just plug in, listen for the car to communicate with the unit (you hear a pop from the unit, which is normal, as it is the sound of the relay in the unit sending power to the car), and leave it. It charges my Chevy Volt from fully drained to completely charged in a little less than 4 hours.

While the car is charging, you will see a blinking light on the unit. The light moves around a circle that indicates up to 8 hours of charging. When the car is fully charged, the light will quit blinking, but will be solid on the circle, indicating the hours of recharge that were required. This is approximate. For example, if it took 3 1/2 hours, the fourth light would be lit, indicating 4 hours. It really means that it took somewhere between 3 and 4 hours to charge.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles here, but if you just want a good, reliable, charging station, this one works fine.

Note that this is an indoor unit and isn’t weatherproofed for outdoor use.

It has “skinning” available, but I haven’t used it.

Norman A. Garrett

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Nice Unit

It works fine. It’s a fairly good value for a 30 amp 7.2 kw EVSE car charger. Actually, the car can only accept 3.3 kw, but the larger size gives you some future-proofing. Electric car chargers negotiate a charging rate with the car, and will only charge at the max rate the car can accept.

The car is a Ford C-Max Energi, which is a plugin hybrid. Previously I charged the car with the 120 volt charger that came with the car. It took about 5 hours for a full charge, which meant you mostly used it overnight. Now with a 240 volt higher amperage charger, it only takes about 1.5 hours, so I can recharge after dinner but before going out in the evening.

Installation is straightforward. I had an electrician do most of it, but it should be suitable for an experienced do-it-yourselfer. If you aren’t sure, pay someone to do it safely and to code. My only real complaint is that the frame is fairly light plastic. During installation, we were afraid we would break it. Also, there is not really enough room for a large cable clamp, which holds the wire to the frame. My electrician chose a clamp that used the full 1″ knockout plug, but then had to trim off the white cover because the cover would not close over the clamp.

I like the holder for the pistol grip, which doubles as a cord holder. Nice that it has a timer built in. I had been using Ford’s phone app, but the app is flaky. The built-in timer works without any problems.

Charger is partly made in USA. UL listed. Smaller than many of them, took up less wall space.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


Works perfect for my Ford Fusion Energi!

I am a former Tesla Roadster owner (sadly, I had to sell it) and recently purchased a Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In for a long work commute. I have to say I was skeptical at first as the Telsa Charger was a 70A metal brick, thick-cabled beast. The Schneider charger is tiny by comparison. I was not sure it could do the job. But it does, and does it well.

Installation was simple. I did it myself, as I am fairly handy. It took about 30 minutes and the hardest part was simply getting the sheet rock screw anchors to work properly. It’s about ¼ the size of the Tesla charger and is sleek and beautiful, some would say svelte. While many folks don’t care about what’s in their garage, I do. I have made my garage a weight lifting-game watching-car tinkering-homework friendly “man cave” and it fits in nicely.

Using it is simple. I just plug it in when I park my Fusion and let the car control the charger’s timing so I get the best electricity rates (I have a time-of-use power service). Programming the Fusion was easy – took maybe a minute.

Some may ask, why get a 240V charger? Why not use the 120V that came with the car. I have three reasons. First, with my time-of-use power meter, it’s important that I get power for the car in the few hours at night that are the cheapest. Since I arrive home late sometimes and usually leave early, I can’t wait the 8 hours to charge the car; the car charges in less than 3 hours. Second, sometimes I want to charge the car quickly when I make short trips from home. The electric power during the day is still cheaper than gas. A 120V charger simple won’t work in this case – it takes too long. Finally, for convenience, I want to leave the 120V charger in the trunk of the car in case I need it. Getting it in and out twice a day just doesn’t appeal to me. Now I can leave it in the trunk and simply plug the connector in the car in about 10 seconds. Simple, fast and convenient. Sure, I could buy another 120V cable, but it costs so much compared to the 240V charger, why bother?

All in all, it’s great product. Installs easily, looks great, and works well. Enough said.

Paul Fulton

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Major Reliability Problems + bad customer service

I install these units and have left other reviews. This unit is good compared with others in its price range like the Bosch. Very cheap build quality but with lite use should hold up fine. I am surprised at its build quality since I use so much “Square D” products in my field and their products are all great. This is just lower grade from the case to the quality of the electronics inside. My big problem with them is my customers buy electric cars and expect to be able to take advantage of all the rebates they afford. You lose some of the rebates with this unit because of the way you have to register it. They outsource the registration process to the company that makes the stupid decal you can put on the front and dealing with that outsourced company is, well……………can’t use that language here. I have tried to deal with Craig at Schneider but he is just the guy to deflect problems away from the company and not solve them. If you are in the market for a lower cost level 2 charger I still recommend the Clipper Creek HCS-40 or HCS-40P(same unit just one has plug). Really an $1800 unit that you can get for under $600. American made as well. If you want to buy from Amazon then the Bosch is great, just watch the price as it should only cost under $580 but sometimes they throw in a $75 price hike for short periods.
03/25/15 – I installed many of these units in peoples homes from cheap like this one to very expensive ones that are a waste of money. I said before the Clipper Creek brand is the one to stick with for price and build quality and I can only second that at this time. My update is for this Schneider EV230WS EVlink which I gave a negative review of their customer service. That has not changed. What has changed is that in my life in the Phoenix area I have installed approx. 75-85 of these units and now 7 of the Schneider EVlink units. I have had warranty issues with two total of all units combined but 4 of 7 Schneider EVlink units I have had issues with and in every case the customer is angry and Schneider does nothing. I don’t care what you buy unless I am being paid to install it but I can only recommend you avoid this unit.


Verified Purchase, Amazon

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