Webasto TurboCord

  • Connection: Plug-in, NEMA 6-20
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 16A
  • Cable Length: 20′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: China
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price on Amazon

User Reviews of the Webasto TurboCord


For the price beats the other level 2 chargers. Well built and easy to use. BMW wanted $1,000 for their level 2 charger plus having to mount the unit in the garage. The TurboCord just plugs in and is so inconspicuous and small that it doesn’t need any mounting hardware unless you want to mount the cord hanger to coil the cord on.

Hawaii Consumer

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Save your money!! I purchased this product and it lasted less than one year. Poor customer service! Finally replaced it and within another year the same thing, it just up and dies. Customer Service only got worse. Gave me no help or offers to replace or repair the product. Find another manufacture – not worth the frustration and they just don’t deserve the business!

Tim M.

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Pro’s: Beautiful, elegantly simple design. Compact and lightweight. Appeared to be high quality construction. It appears to have all the right certifications. Great packaging and presentation. It also arrived quickly (one day – Thanks Amazon!)
Con’s: When inserted into the 220 volt 6-20R outlet, between the weight and shape (moment-arm) of the head unit and the weight of the cord hanging from it, it was clearly very weak and wobbly. Slight pressure sideways results in relatively large deflections. It appeared that either the weight of the cord or the slightest tug could yank the head out of the outlet. At $499, this could result in some expensive damage. If this fit into a dryer outlet or something beefier that could support the weight, it would be much better. Since I’m guessing that 90%+ of folks who buy this have a special outlet installed anyways, or would hit up a RV park for some 220VAC juice, AeroVironment may want to redesign this to fit into a beefier outlet. I returned it and bought a Clipper Creek unit (sturdy and also has all the right certifications.) Disclaimer: This is my opinion and I don’t have any facts, data or tests to support my points above. Somebody else may observe the identical installation and conclude it’s just fine (i.e. there is some subjectivity in my assessment). With Amazon’s great return policy, if you think it’s right for you, buy it and give it a try. Also, if your primary use is mobile and you like the small and lightweight design, the issues raised above probably don’t matter. Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful.

Laurence R.

Verified Purchase, Amazon

User Photos of the Webasto Turbocord

Photo shared by James on Amazon.com

Amazing product! The Level 1 charger that came with my car was painfully slow, I would only get a 50% charge at home and would have to finish charging the next day or find a charging station. I did my research and did not like how the home installed Level 2 chargers were bulky and need to be wall mounted. I have a NEMA 6-20 outlet in my garage and the AeroVironment TurboCord plugged in neatly in my garage. There is a blue LED that blinks when charging and stays solid when ready to charge. The TurboCord cut down my charge time from 0-100% from expected 20 hours to just 6 hours! So far no issues what so ever. If you have a NEMA 6-20 outlet this is a must buy!

Photo shared by CKH on Amazon.com

Using this TurboCord to charge a 2016 Ford Focus EV and it works perfectly. I had an electrician convert an existing outlet for a dryer into one that is compatible with the plug and a full charge that used to take ~18 hours now takes about 6 hours. Cord comes with a canvas bag which would be a nice way to transport it but I just leave it at home because the odds of finding a compatible plug while out and about would be slim I’m guessing. This is a great alternative to an installed charging station in my garage; if I move this guy can go with me–charging stations are more permanent.

Photo shared by Anthony H. on Amazon.com

I have been using this charger for my 2014 Chevrolet Volt on and it has been quite unreliable. For the first month it would charge about 75% of the time. The other 25% I have to use the stock charger to finish the charge. I contacted a licensed electrician to help troubleshoot the issues I’ve been having with this thing and he verified that the outlet is producing 240v and the grounding is very good. This was frustrating news and annoying as the car would chirp when there was an interruption in charge. The election was kind enough to put in a 110v 15A socket in so I can change the vehicle at 12 amps rather than at 8. For the last month I have not been able to use this charger and have gotten sick of getting up after plugging it in anywhere from 10 – 20 min of charging to to just go back to my old 110v charger. I thought this would get better and And give it a chance, but shame on me. Now I have a $400 jump rope and back to the drawing board to find a good 240v charger. The red flag should have been when I saw soder splatters all over the charging handle and intermittent charging reliability in week 1. Maybe this was built on a Friday because all the other reviews looked good here.

User Videos of the Webasto Turbocord

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