Webasto TurboDX EV Charger

  • Connection: Plug-in, NEMA 14-30
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 16 Amp
  • Cable Length: 15′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA
  • MSRP: See Today’s Price on Amazon

Our Review of the Webasto TurboDX Electric Vehicle Charger 


User Reviews of the Webasto TurboDX EV Charger 


Arrived as advertised – perfect! Instructions were clear!
Instructions were clear, comprehensive, and easily understood.
Electrician followed the technical stuff on the back page and added a new circuit to our panel. Ran the 240V cable outside the wall, down into the crawl space under the house, all the way to the back of the house then outside the wall again and up to the soffits, over the walkway and into the garage. There he installed a sub-panel to run all the circuits in the garage and the outdoor lights as well as the EV Charger. Works perfectly.
Ours is mounted on the outside wall of the garage facing the driveway where we pull in. It never rains in Vancouver but if it does I’m sure it will survive. We installed ours in October and it is now November so it works for at least 1 month!
The only comment I can make about the stock unit is the lights are BRIGHT! At night when the car is not home, the lights are beckoning someone from the street to come and take a closer look – not good. So I covered the bright lights on the units face plate with electricians tape – problem solved.


Verified Purchase, Amazon


Great price and works well

This charger was easy to set up and has been working well for the last several months. You can even override when to charge without getting in the car (Bolt) and turning it on to change the setting.

Charles D. Abbot

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Are you Level 2 Ready?

Easy installation, although there could have been a better location for the terminals, connecting 6AWG wire the way it’s required is a bit of a pain but overall this was simple; I bought this one for the price but looking back I should have spent the extra $$ for the 25′ cord version

J.A. Camargo

Verified Purchase, Amazon


Charging station a must for electric cars.

Equal to the Chrysler MoPar equivalent for $200 less. Bought it on sale through Home Depot. It was Easy to install once you had the 220 line to the cut-off box. Have been using it for almost one month – no problems. Well made.


Verified Purchase

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