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Aptera ev

1,000-Mile Aptera “Never Charge” Solar Supplemented EV: Jay Leno Gets A Preview

The three-wheeler boasts 700 watts of solar capacity, which can harvest 4.4 kwh of energy per day on a sunny day in California.

See More Perks of the Aptera EV>>

National Auto Dealers Association

NADA To Get Car Dealers Educated So They Can Help Shoppers Buy EVs

A pilot program in Oregon made it clear that many dealers need to get their salespeople up to speed on electric vehicles—but once they did, EV sales went up.

Learn How Educating EV Shoppers Helps>>

2022 bmw ix 1

LTPI’s Full EV Review: 2022 BMW iX

Discover the fully electric, fully connected, first-ever 2022 BMW iX sports activity EV.

Read LTPI’s Full Review of the BMW iX EV>>

Subaru Solterra ev

Subaru Reveals More Of It’s Upcoming First Electric Car, The Solterra

Earlier this year, the Japanese automaker finally announced its first all-electric vehicle: the Solterra.

Learn More About Subaru Solterra>>

Utah EV chargers

More Electric Vehicle Chargers Coming To Utah Roads

Rocky Mountain Power plans to install 100 of their extreme fast chargers across 20-25 locations in Utah.

Read More On Utah EV Chargers>>

2022 Ford F 150 Lightning ev

LTPI’s Full EV Review: Ford F-150 Lightning

Even someone who would never consider purchasing a large truck might change their mind after checking out the new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning – it’s that impressive.

See Review of the Ford F-150 Lightning EV Pickup>>

Volkswagen cars on trains

EV Production In Germany Shows What An EV Revolution Looks Like

Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW are the Big Three of the German auto industry and all three have set goals for their electric car initiatives.

Take A Closer Look At Germany’s EV Goals>>

Hyundai PHEV grey

2022 Hyundai Tuscon Plug-In Hybrid Pricing Undercuts Toyota RAV4 Prime

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid doesn’t match up to the Toyota RAV4 Prime in electric range or gas mileage, but it does undercut the Toyota in price.

Learn More about Hyundai Tuscon PHEV>>

Audi EV Red

Audi Set To Offer 20 EVs By 2025, More Than Any Other Brand

If we take automakers’ promises of EV launches at face value, the Audi brand would have the biggest electric vehicle lineup.

See Other Automakers’ EV Promises>>

New Tesla Store

Tesla Builds 1st Store On Tribal Lands, Dodges State Car Laws

The white-walled, silver-lettered Tesla store, which opened last week, sits in Nambé Pueblo, north of Santa Fe, on tribal land that’s not subject to state laws.

See How Tesla Dodges State Car Laws>>

Lucid EV

Lucid Rises On Report EPA Recognized EV As Having Longer Range

The reported range of 520 miles would eclipse that of Tesla Inc.’s highest range model — the S, which has an EPA-estimated range of 405 miles. 

Read More On Lucid EV Range>>

Cadillac Lyriq EV

Cadillac Lyriq EV Reservations Open On September 18th

Cadillac is preparing to leap into the electric vehicle market with the Lyriq, and now the automaker has revealed when you’ll be able to lock in your reservation.

Check Out Details On Cadillac Lyriq EV>>

Mercedes Benz Electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz Launches EQB, Up-To-7-Seat Electric SUV To Compete Against Tesla Model Y

It is the German automaker’s answer to the increasingly popular Tesla Model Y.

Learn More About This New Electric SUV>>

USA Electric Fleet Strategy

Report: Shifting The Federal Fleet To EVs Could Save US Taxpayers $4.6 Billion By 2030

The report found that 97% of the light-duty vehicles and buses in the federal fleet could be replaced with EVs by 2030, and 40% could be made electric by 2025.

Find Out How Taxpayers Save Money>>

VW ID Life EV Concept

VW ID.Life Concept Is An Electric Mini-SUV That Will Eventually See Production

Volkswagen’s plans for its next generation of small EVs is coming into focus with the premiere of the ID.Life concept at this year’s Munich auto show.

Read More On VW’s ID.Life Concept>>

Subarru Solterra hero

Subaru Unveils New Pictures And Details Of Its First Electric Vehicle: The Solterra

Subaru has released today new pictures and details of its first electric vehicle, the Solterra, which is coming to market next year.

See Photos Of The Subaru Solterra>>

volvo vnr electric and electrify america charging station

California Helps Fund Largest Deployment Of Electric Semis Yet – And Charging For Them

California is pushing ahead with zero-emission commercial vehicles.

Learn More About These Electric Semis>>

EV charging VW e golf

Louisiana To Use VW Settlement Money To Install 82 Charging Stations

Louisiana may be more famous for étouffée than electric vehicles, but money from Volkswagen’s dirty diesel settlement will finance several measures to clean up the air in the Pelican (or Petroleum) State.

Check Out Who The Lucky Recipients Are>>

GM EV1 Electric Car

Rare GM EV1 Electric Car Survivor Converted To A Hybrid, Parked Outside

While some remaining cars have only been unearthed with the help of Google Maps, others are more prominently displayed in museums, such as the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and Los Angeles’ Petersen Automotive Museum.

Read More On The EV1 Electric Car>>

Alpha Motor Electric truck

Alpha Motor Corporation Debuts WOLF™, Pure Electric Truck

The WOLF™ Electric Truck, first announced in March 2021, is a versatile pickup truck motorized by an all-battery electric power system. 

Learn More This Exciting New All Electric Truck>>

Electrify America EV Station Finder

Electrify America Rolling Out CarPlay And Android Auto Apps For Finding EV Charging Stations

Electrify America charging stations are crucial for EV adoption in the United States.

Check Out How Electrify America Can Help EV Drivers>>

EV charging infrastructure

28 U.S. House Democrats Want $85 billion In EV Charging Infrastructure Funding

The current $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill under consideration has $7.5 billion in EV charging infrastructure funding, but Democrats plan to add additional funding in a separate measure that could spend up to $3.5 trillion.

Read Details On The EV Charging Infrastucture Funding>>

Cadillac Lyriq new

LTPI’s Full EV Review For Cadillac Lyriq

Cadillac is jumping into the electric vehicle fray a little late. However, it has plans to catch up fast, reportedly spending $27 billion to bring 30 EVs to market worldwide by the end of 2025.

Learn More The New Cadillac EV>>

Ford invests in EVs

Ford Says It Will Invest More In EVs Than In ICEs In 2023

In May, Ford announced that it would boost its planned EV investment, including battery development, to $30 billion by 2030.

Check Out Ford’s EV Investment Plan>>

Tesla Supercharger hero

Elon Musk Explains How Non-Tesla EV Owners Are Going to Be Able To Use The Supercharger Network

Over the last few months, Tesla has indicated that it plans to open the Supercharger network, its extensive global network of fast-charging stations, to electric vehicles from other automakers.

Read More About The Supercharger Network>>

electric dodge ram future

Dodge Charger And Challenger Set To Survive As EVs

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares committed to Ram electric pickups and Dodge muscle cars.

Learn More About Dodge’s EV Future>>

Are EVs Green

Are Electric Cars ‘Green’? The Answer Is Yes, But It’s Complicated

Experts broadly agree that electric vehicles create a lower carbon footprint over the course of their lifetime than do cars and trucks that use traditional, internal combustion engines.

Check Out Why It’s Complicated>>

EV refrigerant extends range

New EV Air Conditioner Refrigerant Said To Extend Range By 50%

That means that an EV with a range of 124 miles would be able to cover an additional 62 miles simply by using Daikin’s new refrigerant.

Learn How This Can Extend EV Range>>

EVs transform power grid

How Electric Vehicles Could Transform The Power Grid

More electric vehicles are becoming capable of not only storing energy for driving, but also for powering buildings and the wider grid, thanks to a capability called “bidirectional charging.”

Get A Closer Look at This Technology>>

volkswagen electric microbus exlarge

VW Hopes Its Electric Bus Can Drive Huge Sales Growth In The US

Germany’s Volkswagen Group hopes to more than double its market share in the United States by 2030, and it’s counting on a cute electric remake of its classic VW Microbus to help it get there.

Read More About VW’s Electric Bus>>

Tesla Hot Hatch EV

Report: $25,000 Tesla Hot Hatch Coming In 2023 To Rival VW ID.3

Autocar says the Tesla hatchback will go on sale in 2023. It will be the cheapest car Tesla has ever produced, and by a wide margin. 

Read More About Tesla Hot Hatch>>

Biden USA EVs

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Includes $15 Billion In EV Charging And Electric Bus Funding

EV advocates certainly aren’t going to get all we wanted, but we’re likely to get something substantial from the $1.2-trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, if it becomes law.

Get A Closer Look at Infrastructure Deal>>

Honda SUV EV

2024 Honda Prologue: GM-Powered Electric SUV Has A Name

Honda on Monday announced that it’s given its all-electric SUV, due in 2024, a name: Prologue. According to Honda, the name demarcates the beginning of “a new series of volume Honda BEV models.”

Learn More About Honda’s EV Plan>>

usps next generation delivery vehicle

Gas And Electric USPS Truck Will Be Powered By Ford

Oshkosh Defense on Tuesday announced that it plans to build its next-generation postal vehicles—some of which will be battery-electric—for the U.S. government in Spartanburg, South Carolina starting in summer 2023. 

Learn More About USPS Trucks>>

Tesla Model 3 2021

Tesla Model 3 Becomes First All-Electric Car Of The Year On Cars.com 2021 American-Made Index

The Tesla Model 3 reached the number one spot in Cars.com’s 2021 American-Made Index (AMI), making it the first all-electric vehicle to top the list in its 16-year history.

See Why Tesla Model 3 Made It>>

2022 audi q4

Audi To Launch Last Car With Internal Combustion Engine In 2026

Audi is joining a growing consortium of automakers committed to switching to electric lineups within a decade.

Read More About Audi’s Decision>>

Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Going Full EV By 2030, Starting With An Electric SUV In 2022

Starting with a new SUV that is scheduled to debut next year, Lincoln will move toward a fully electric lineup of luxury vehicles over the next decade.

Read more about Lincoln going full EV>>

proterra new

Proterra, A Leading Innovator In Commercial Vehicle Electrification Technology Debuts On Nasdaq

The Company has raised more than $640 million in cash from the business combination with ArcLight to fund growth initiatives, including R&D and its next-generation battery program.

Learn more about Proterra debut on Nasdaq >>

polestar 3 teaser

Polestar 3 Electric SUV Due In 2022: Mache-E, Model Y Rival Will Be Will Be US Built

The company won’t be building a new factory, however; it plans to build the Polestar 3 for U.S. customers alongside Volvo Cars vehicles in Ridgeville, South Carolina. 

See more on Polestar 3 Electric SUV>>

EVs consumer interest rising

New CarGurus Survey Shows Rising Consumer Interest In EVs

Over the years, we’ve seen many surveys of consumer sentiment about EVs, but this one feels different.

Check Out More on Consumer Interest in EVs >>

Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Starts At $19,995

Meet the Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup truck that seats 5 and gets 40 mpg in the city.

Read More On Ford Maverick Hybrid>>

Tesla steering wheel hero

Tesla Is About To Raise The Bar With New Model S Plaid, Expect Surprises

New Model S vehicles have more range, charge twice as fast, and are generally built better than Tesla’s earlier version of the premium electric sedan.

Learn More on Tesla Model S Plaid >>

2021 BMW 530e

LTPI Full PHEV Review: 2021 BMW 530e iPerformance Plug-In Hybrid

With the federal tax credit, the 2021 BMW 530e is cheaper than the 530i and can be used exclusively in EV mode for a short commute to work each day. This is a great option for those who love the BMW luxury and want to step into driving electric.

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general motors ultium batteries

Ultium Battery Cells From GM Electric Vehicles Have An Official Recycler: Canada’s Li-Cycle

The Canadian firm Li-Cycle will recycle leftover raw material from the manufacturing of Ultium battery cells for upcoming General Motors electric cars, the automaker announced Tuesday in a press release.

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Ford To Reveal New F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck May 19

Pickups rule the US auto market, and the F-150 is the king of pickup trucks, so the fact that Ford is planning to release an electric version of America’s best-selling vehicle, which one marketing expert has called “the most successful consumer product in human history,” is a big deal.

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EVs consumer interest rising

New CarGurus Survey Shows Rising Consumer Interest In EVs

Over the years, we’ve seen many surveys of consumer sentiment about EVs, but this one feels different.

Check Out More on Consumer Interest in EVs >>

Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Starts At $19,995

Meet the Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup truck that seats 5 and gets 40 mpg in the city.

Read More On Ford Maverick Hybrid>>

Tesla steering wheel hero

Tesla Is About To Raise The Bar With New Model S Plaid, Expect Surprises

New Model S vehicles have more range, charge twice as fast, and are generally built better than Tesla’s earlier version of the premium electric sedan.

Learn More on Tesla Model S Plaid >>

Tesla California License Plate

Tesla Model Y Outsells Model 3 In California Once Again

Interestingly, this is not the first time this has happened.

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2021 e tron suv

LTPI Full EV Review: 2021 Audi e-tron

The 2021 Audi e-tron added 18 miles to its total, increasing its maximum range from 204 to 222 miles on a full charge.

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CL 20.006

Citrëon’s Small $6,000 Electric ‘Car’ Is Coming To The US As Part Of New Subscription Service

Despite its small size, the Ami still provides a few interesting features like a glass roof and a heated interior cabin, and it gets you around town on electric power on the cheap.

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marengo charging plaza pasadena ca

EPA Plans To Reinstate California Emissions Authority, Seeks Public Input

This follows the first step taken last week, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)—which works with the EPA to issue emissions rules—proposing to rescind rules that took away California’s authority.

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2021 Nissan LEAF

LTPI Full EV Review: 2021 Nissan LEAF

It has evolved over the years and has nearly tripled its range from the original, while also maintaining a modest price tag.

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Mike OKronley SEM

Battery Recycling Startup Receives Financing For Commercial-Scale Plant

O’Kronley said Battery Resourcers is also helping the EV industry address several complex environmental and regulatory issues. 

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lightning motors bus

Electric Fleet Vehicles Headed To The Hawaiian And Pacific Islands

Last year, Hawaii joined a group of 15 states and the District of Columbia to announce a joint memorandum of understanding (MOU), pledging to expand the market for electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including large pickup trucks and vans, delivery trucks, box trucks, school and transit buses, and long-haul delivery trucks (big-rigs).

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LG Chem Cells

Settlement Of Dispute Between South Korean Battery Makers Is Good News For US Auto Industry

LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation have settled a long-running trade dispute, clearing the way for SK to proceed with construction of a battery factory in Commerce, Georgia that is slated to supply batteries to Ford and Volkswagen.

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Apple Car production would be in the US

LG And Magna Reportedly “Very Near” To Signing Deal For Apple Car Production

Apple is currently expected to introduce its own electric vehicle in 2025 at the earliest.

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2021 hummer

LTPI’s Full Review: 2022 GMC Hummer EV

How much anticipation awaits the arrival of the new Hummer electric vehicle pickup truck? All one needs to know is once it became available to purchase last October, it sold out in a mere 10 minutes!

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2020 chevrolet silverado 1500

Confirmed 400-mile Chevy Silverado Electric Pickup Will Be Built Alongside GMC Hummer EV

GM on Tuesday announced that the Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup will be built in an all-electric version at its Hamtramck, Michigan plant.

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ATA logo

ATA Statement On The Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Plan

“We commend President Biden for leading on infrastructure and putting forward his Administration’s vision to modernize and revitalize our nation’s aging transportation networks”

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2022 Nissan Ariya

Nissan Releases Photos And Details Of 2022 Ariya Electric SUV

The Ariya will be offered in standard and extended range variants.

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electrify america jeep 4xe charging network

Electrify America Is Helping Jeep Set Up A Charging Network At Off Road Trailheads

The first sites include Moab, Utah; the Rubicon Trail in Pollock Pines, California, and Big Bear, California; a Jeep press release said.

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Turismo crop

Read LTPI’s Full EV Review: 2022 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Who says the wagon is dead? Certainly not Porsche. The German auto manufacturer will be offering an electric vehicle wagon this summer.

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FORD Co. jonathan

Ford Asks Congress For Tax Incentives To Support Electric Vehicle Development

Leaders at Ford Motor Co. urged Congress Tuesday to increase tax incentives and other federal funding for electric vehicle technology.

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India pushes EVs

India To Launch Supercharged Push For Global Electric Vehicle Players

India plans to offer fresh incentives to companies making electric vehicles (EVs) as part of a broad auto sector scheme it expects to attract $14 billion of investment over five years, according to industry sources and a document seen by Reuters.

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Rivian 1

Read LTPI’s Full EV Review: Rivian R1T

Rivian’s inaugural entry is the R1T, a futuristic, all-electric five-passenger crew cab truck that could possibly be in possession of those who preorder by June 2021.

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More EV Charging

President Biden Hopes To Build 500,000 New Electric Car Chargers By 2030. We Talked To 5 Experts About How To Make That Happen.

President Biden has pledged to build 500,000 new plugs over the next decade, in an effort to cut emissions from highways that are currently the single largest source of carbon emissions.

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Ample 44

Ample Is Trying To Make Battery Swapping For EVs A Reality, Starting With Uber Drivers In The Bay Area

Participating drivers with supported electric vehicles can exchange a spent battery for a fully charged one in less than 10 minutes.

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electrify america

Electrify America Introduces Fully Redesigned Mobile App; Aims To Improve The EV Life

It’s designed to provide its customers with a simple ‘one stop’ solution for all of their EV charging needs

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Volvo blue EV

Volvo To Go Fully Electric By 2030, Announces New C40 Recharge EV, Online Sales

Also unlike more cautious automakers, Volvo is setting some interim goals that will require action in the here and now—by 2025, half of its global sales are to be pure EVs, and the other half hybrid models.

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electric car chargepoint

Merkley Introduces Bill To Extend Electric Vehicle Tax Credit For 10 Years

This latest addition builds on the Baker-Polito Administration’s June 2020 initiative to broaden the program to include commercial and nonprofit fleets.

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mercedes benz battery production

Study: EVs Use Less Raw Material Than Gasoline Vehicles

The study looked at the amount of materials—considered collectively—that is “lost,” meaning it can’t be recycled or otherwise recovered.

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2021 Model S

LTPI’s Full EV Review: 2021 Tesla Model S

The Model S has fantastic driving refinement, delivering a smooth and safe ride that one comes to expect from a luxury vehicle.

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charging station 36963545

Mass Expanding Electric Vehicle Rebate Program To Include Trucks

This latest addition builds on the Baker-Polito Administration’s June 2020 initiative to broaden the program to include commercial and nonprofit fleets.

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LA traffic image

Toyota, Fiat Chrysler Drop Support For Trump Effort To Bar California Emissions Rules

The automakers, along with the National Automobile Dealers Association, said they were aligned “with the Biden administration’s goals to achieve year-over-year improvements in fuel economy standards.”

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ev charging station sign

Get Ready For An Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Network Coming All Across Tennessee

TVA also hopes having more electric vehicles in Knoxville will create more jobs, keep fuel dollars in the state and reduce carbon emissions.

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toyota future electric vehicle designs

That includes an arrival for two battery-electric vehicles, according to Toyota North America, and an additional plug-in hybrid model.

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Best stations Subaru Crosstrek PHEV

LTPI’s Best Charging Stations For The Subaru Crosstrek

The Crosstreck Plug-in Hybrid is Subaru’s best-performing, most equipped, most fuel-efficient Crosstrek ever, and it’s one of IIHS’s (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) 2020 Top Safety Picks!

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